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Brazilian Premium Chicken

Are you looking to buy chicken feet? At Kaefer Chicken, we have halal frozen chicken paws for sale available for both retail and bulk export. Our products highlight the best of Brazilian Grade A quality underscored by the following features:

  • Long shelf life

  • Naturally sweet taste

  • Premium nutrition value

  • Value for money

  • Non-refined purity

Quality Assurance During Transportation of Frozen Chicken Paws

Kaefer Chicken stands out as one of the leading Brazilian frozen chicken suppliers of high-quality frozen chicken paws and other chicken parts. Our commitment to quality does not end at the plant. Before transportation, we clean our frozen chicken paws thoroughly to get rid of any bloodstains, bad smells, and black spots. They are also checked to ensure that broken bones are either very minimal or non-existent and moisture content is very low. During transportation, storage for the products is kept at under 18 degrees Celsius to maintain a high level of freshness.

Various Types of Brazilian Frozen Chicken

Export Grade Frozen Chicken Paws for Sale

If you are wondering whether our products are approved for import into your country, you’ll be glad to learn that all our plants SIF are certified for most global destinations. By checking the SIF number, you can tell that the product came from our plant.

We are certified by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), which is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our products are also BRC-certified, ISO-certified, and Halal, which means we can supply to Muslim communities around the world.


Besides having frozen chicken feet for sale, Kaefer Chicken also stocks other chicken parts, including frozen chicken leg quarters for sale. 

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Chicken Production
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